Glass Block Windows / Showers / Offices / Etc...

Experience the beauty and hassle-free maintenance of a glass block window system from Pittsburgh Corning. Glass blocks can be used for structural or aesthetic use in a variety of ways to brighten your home. By varying your pattern selection, you can control the level of privacy and light in a room, and add a level of security to your home with impact resistant LightWise Windows.

Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Shower Systems make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to bring the impact of a bright, beautiful glass block shower into bathroom designs. So you get all the beauty of a custom-built glass block shower - without the extra work.

Pittsburgh Corning



  • Prefabricated panels
  • Mortar
  • Silicone Glue
  • ProVantage™ System
  • Hedron/Tridron & Endblocks


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Decora Decora® Pattern
With its trademark wavy undulations, this pattern provides maximum light transmission with subtle visual distortion. The nondirectional faces make installation quick.
Icescapes IceScapes® Pattern
Non-directional pattern lets light in without sacrificing privacy. Maximum light transmission/medium to maximum privacy.
Argus Argus® Pattern
Rounded perpendicular flutes diffuse light while allowing maximum light transmission and a medium degree of privacy.
Essex Essex® Pattern
The fine grid design of the closely spaced ridges in this pattern offers moderate light transmission and a maximum degree of privacy.
Vue Vue® Pattern
Faces are smooth and undistorted to transmit the most light and allow ultimate visibility. This is your best choice for passive solar collection and visual clarity.